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Winter excursions
Troncea Valley: 1st and 2nd march, 15th and 16th march, 29th and 30th march, 12nd and 13rd april. Lunch at Refuge Troncea
Prà Catinat: 8th and 9th march, 22 and 23rd march, 5th and 6thapril. Lunch at  Fenestrelle's Castle.
Price: 20 euros eachone
Info and booking: 339.8765249 - 3475837722- assocdiomedea@alice.it

Nightly excursions
17th may, saturday: nightly excursion to Casa Canada, S.Pietro Val Lemina. Dinner and evening about Tibet with Tona Sironi and her association "EcoHimal". Price: 18 euro for excursion and dinner; 12 euro only for dinner)

14th june, saturday: nightly excursion to "Baita Gimont" from Calviere. Price:25 euro, with dinner

12nd july, saturday: nightly excursion to Rifugio Troncea. Price:20 euro, with dinner

6th september, saturday: nightly excursion to Rifugio Jervis, Pellice Valley. Price:20 euro, with dinner

11th october, saturday:  nightly excursion to Casa Canada, S.Pietro Val Lemina. Price:20 euro, with dinner.

Info and booking: 3475837722 - 3398765249 - assocdiomedea@alice.it

Treks and travels

1st-4th march 2014: skialpinism on Toubkal (Morocco).Price: 650 euros, all inclusive. Info:3475837722-assocdiomedea@alice.it

2nd-8th july: "Morocco to know". One week of touristic tours, short excursions and a lot of other things. We will stay in Marrakech. We'll visit the Imperial City, the suk, Ourika Valley's Falls, the city of Essaouira, the old city of Tinghrir and the Atla's Studio's of Ouarzazate. Price preview: 850 euros, all inclusive

10th-16th july: Eolie Trek. "7 islands for 7 days". We'll walk on every island and we'll sleep in friendly and nice hostels. Every day there is the possibility to swim into the sea, with a beautiful landscape. Price preview: 900 euros, all inclusive

21th-23th july: Bric Boucie Tour. A little ring of 3 days around Bric Boucie mountain, from Pellice Valley to Queyras Park. We'll walk every day from refuge to refuge. Price: 130 euros, all inclusive

28th-30th august: Monviso Tour.The most important excursion around Monviso mountain. It is also a very prestigious excursion, with many naturalistic and storic aspects. Price: 130 euros, all inclusive

2nd-15th september: Annapurna Trek (Nepal): an interesting trek with mules to Annapurna Base Camp. Price: 1700 euro

Info and booking:
347.5837722 - assocdiomedea@alice.it

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